Terrence Wong Swie San is a photographer from Amsterdam who started with photographing in 2008. As Terrence covered the website of his close friend Remy The Flying Gentleman Bonjasky, he was asked to capture all Remy’s  memorable moments.

In his beginning photographing days it started with mainly exploring, “just do it” , gathering information and often frustrating moments when pictures did not end up as he envisioned it. Nevertheless  this first period of time was the most  meaningful and learning full as it had set the fundament for today.

Not many years later the simple camera has made way for an professional body with lenses and (only) intuitive shooting has gone into experience and knowledge.

From capturing K-1 tournaments the interest in photography was born, grew and extends until this very day. As this photographer really experiences his photography career as a never ending journey Terrence is always seeking to do new things, is easy to work with as he believes every day is a learning experience which helps (him) in accelerate in the photography world.

Terrence has special interest into Sports (Thaiboxing) ,Wedding, Concert, Nightlife and Portrait Photography.


My goal is to create pictures which will fascinate people timelessly. Provoking the whole spectrum of human emotions and at the same time enjoying every photographing moment myself.